Bee People

Extracting Honey

These are the Karamea hives of my brother.

And here is the honey being extracted and dripping into the sieve and into a bucket. A lovely harvest this year, although he reports that the rata honey is in short supply, probably because of the rata flowering profusely last year, and not much this year. The kamahi is good though. Different areas produce different honey types.

And, a jar of fresh honey. What could be better? (I know the answer to this: homemade sourdough and honey!)

A Yurt House

One of our bee hosts lives in a yurt! 

It has fabric walls and roof outside, and a timber lattice arrangement on the inside of the walls. The walls are insulated between, and it has a fire inside, and bedroom and kitchen and the full works. Louise says it is cosy all year round, maybe just a bit chilly in the middle of the night in the middle of winter when the fire dies down, but isn't everywhere cold then?

This one wouldn't fit a large family, but is perfect for one or 2 people. They come in a variety of sizes, although no McMansions I would think.

Isn't it just the coolest?

And, one of her chickens. Which has its own regular chicken house, not a yurt.

Bee people are universally interesting, in my experience. I wonder why?