Bee Suits - One Size Fits All

Bees and children do mix. Just look at this! A kitted up beeboy, just add oxygen tank and he will be ready for a moon walk with Neil Armstrong. Moon walking chickens and horse too....

I think the one-size-fits-all bee suit and gardening gloves works splendidly well, but if you were after a real child-size one, check out the

Ceracell's ones

, in groovy green, or white.

The stallion and the bees

One of our hosts has a beautiful stallion. Well, possibly many of our hosts have lovely horses, but I have only met this one. He's really friendly, although wasn't quite that fussed with me pointing a phone camera at him. Or maybe I didn't come loaded with apples?

And he often roams around in the beehive paddocks. I guess if he gets too annoying to the bees he'll learn all about the natural consequences, but animals and bees do mix very well. The only thing is, we don't want all those beehives tipping over with a bit of a bunt from the animals. Cows are pretty rough I think, probably more so than horses (you can tell I'm a city girl, all you real farmers). So you can see here all our beehives are girls, with ribbons in their hair! Takes a bit of extra time for the beekeepers to do their checking and feeding and whatnot, but if the hive does get a shove its much less likely to tip over with them all tied together. A tipped over beehive is NOT a happy thing, at all at all.

Life, the Universe, and Everything. And Pea Straw

Anyone who is a fan of The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy will know that the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42. And the Interconnectedness of All Things. Always carry a towel. And DON'T PANIC. All good advice

Anyway, getting back to bees, it would seem that life is indeed interconnected with all things. We discovered one of our excellent hosts through a random happenstance. I've been doing a spot of severe gardening. Severe, as in, everything is awash in clay. We also frequent the Clevedon markets, which is an all-round marvellous Sunday morning out full of fabulous stalls and yummy food. (I can see this post is going to be a shaggy dog story...)

And discovered Michele, pea straw lady extraordinaire. Well, the pea straw is definitely extraordinary, and Michele is pretty special too. So I bought a trailer load of pea straw, and covered my whole back yard with it. Spread it around a bit. This was back in June, and it has been just the ticket to keep all the clay down.

And its all breaking down well now, just in time to sprinkle a few seeds around. The '

Plan Bee

' seeds from the NZ Gardener, of course.

If you need some pea straw too, contact her 


. Or visit the Clevedon Markets on a Sunday.

And...back to the interconnectedness of all things... Michele's partner John grows the peas that make the peastraw (peastraw from actual peas! well, I'm a city girl, so that is a revelation, duh). And now he is one of our wonderful bee hosts.

John might just have to make do with his own post another time.