When to plant manuka trees

If you've been making manuka seedlings, from seed, then you might have something that looks like this, in your backyard.

And if you saw my previous 'uh oh' post where I let my seedlings rather get away on me and have ended up with over-large trees still in their pots, then you might be wondering whether you could plant your seedlings yet.

Well...normally I'd have said not quite. Still lots of the summer to go, and it can get pretty hot and dry.

But this year? It's not looking at all like being consistently hot and dry. So I'm thinking we should all go for it. Planters' heaven even? If it does stay cool-ish and moist-ish the trees will love it - so much time to put down roots before next summer.

Don't quote me to the weather department or anything, but even the bees seem to have packed up shop and gone home. And I'm thinking that they are a reliable guide.

And anyway, what else are we going to do with our weekends? Not exactly beach weather is it?

If you haven't started on your seeds yet and would like to know how, check out this free Pictorial Guide to Growing Manuka from Seeds.

And if you'd like to know where to plant your trees, Module 3: Choosing your Forestry Spot will tell you what you need to know.