Bee Awareness Month

a winter bee deep in a freesia

a winter bee deep in a freesia

September is Bee Awareness Month. Yup, it's September already, eek!

Two great things to do this month for bee awareness:

You can be part of  Plan Bee here This was run last year too. It's a nifty map of NZ and you can register your property if you have planted bee friendly plants this spring. You can be world famous in NZ! along with all the other great gardeners. The map looks like this. You get to name your place too, always fun.

And new this year.... The Great Kiwi Bee Count This is a joint programme with NZ Gardener (the mag) and the scientists at Plant and Food Research. The aim is to build up a more detailed picture of the range and behaviour of some of our key bee and pollinator species. So be on the look out for bees in your garden and sign them up.

The one above is my winter bee. She was out in early August on one of those beautiful days (after all the rain that we had for months that is). You can kind of see the pink thing in the back ground, that's my hand - I had picked a bunch of freesias and was happily taking them inside when Ms Bee decided she hadn't quite finished with them, thank you very much. You can imagine my one-handed efforts to pull my phone out, wind it up, and get snapping. Didn't want to freak her out, but she seemed oblivious. Or hungry maybe.

Leave me a comment, tell me what you want more of, and I'll make it happen.