Manuka Farm Forestry with Bee Optimisation


A personalised on-farm consultation service to help you plan your manuka forest with emphasis on bee and apiary requirements.

If you want to make the most of your land's potential for creating high grade manuka honey, this is the package for you.

To consistently make high value manuka honey, not just any forest will do. You  need a forest specifically designed with bees and apiaries in mind. I share with you the secrets of developing a manuka plantation that is optimised to creating manuka honey. 


You will receive:

Site Information

  • Site visit, appraisal and evaluation
  • Site selection outlining best areas for development
  • 3D interactive model of your farm landscape, that you can run on your ipad or smart phone, enabling you to get a visual fly-around of your land
  • A movie showing the sun's movement across your land, at different times of year

Planting Plan

  • Planting site map for trees, tailored to your land
  • List of non-manuka bee food trees for year-round bee health
  • Planting guidelines for trees
  • Contacts for nurseries supplying trees and planting labour

Bee Planning

  • Beehive site planning
  • Beehive location and map
  • Planning for access for beekeeping vehicles
  • How many hives your land can support

Planting Programme

  • Planting programme timing, tailored to your site and requirements
  • Bee programme - when to introduce bees
  • Outline of specific ongoing maintenance issues

To find out more, or to get started contact me below. Let me know your land size and what you are hoping to achieve.

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